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Illuminated globes also known as lighted globes bring a new perspective to the globe you purchase. When illuminated world globes are on, many globes provide for additional points of interest to show through, such as political or topographic information.

In addition the lighted globe can be used to add to a rooms ambiance or serve as a night light in a child's room. One thing to keep in mind is that most illuminated globes have a cord that will need to be plugged in, so close proximity to an electric outlet is needed.
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Livingston Globe by Replogle Replogle Livingston Globe

The Livingston Globe by Replogle is an illuminated 12-inch blue ocean globe with raised relief, a simple yet traditional world globe that is gorgeously stunning. It is 16 inches tall and features both vegetative and political mapping as well as soft illumination and a hardwood base.

Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $111.25

Globe 4 Kids Globe by Replogle Replogle Globe 4 Kids Globe 10-inch Illuminated Desktop

A fun and colorfully educational globe, the Globe 4 Kids by Replogle is perfect for children of all ages. It features images of animals, landmarks, and famous people with political boundaries, relief map cartography, and is capable of luminous display.

Price: $82.99
Sale Price: $69.50

National Geographic Byrd Globe National Geographic Byrd Globe

National Geographic Byrd Globe features a 16-inch illuminated raised-relief, blue ocean globe ball mounted on a full swing meridian with a medium teak hardwood base. Shop, Compare, Buy.

Price: $324.99
Sale Price: $272.25

Beth Sholom - Frank Lloyd Wright Collection Beth Sholom Globe 12-inch Illuminated Frank Lloyd Wright

The Beth Sholom 12-inch illuminated globe was adapted from one of Wrights designs for a hexagonal walnut and copper planter in the historic synagogue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Price: $359.99
Sale Price: $311.00
Finley Antique Globe by Replogle Finley Globe 20-inch Antique Illuminated

The Finley 20-inch Antique Ocean Illuminated Floor Standing World Globe by Replogle stands 37 inches tall and features a four legged hardwood base and brushed brass colored meridian, along with hand cut and hand applied map features.

Price: $2,099.99
Sale Price: $1,775.00

Stellanova Globe for Kids Stellanova Globe for Kids 11-inch Illuminated

GREAT FOR THE KIDS! The Stellanova Globe for Kids is an excellent learning tool for all children. Constructed of an acrylic globe ball and metal meridian and base, this globe provides years of fun and the illumination makes for a great night light.

Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $89.99

Queen Anne Globe by Replogle Queen Anne Globe 16-inch

Bring home a piece of 18th Century European style with the Queen Anne 16-inch Antique Ocean Raised Relief Floor Standing World Globe by Replogle. Featuring a brass plated, die cast metal full swing meridian and a cherry finished solid hardwood stand that is 32 inches tall.

Price From: $529.99
Sale Price From: $455.00

Safari Childrens Globe Safari Childrens Globe - Illuminated

The Safari Childrens Globe is the perfect 9 inch illuminated desktop globe for those who not only love geography, but also love animals.

Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $69.99

Earth and Constellations Globe Earth and Constellations Globe

The Earth and Constellation Globe by Waypoint Geographic provides both a political geographic reference tool to identify countries, boundaries and other points of interest during the day, and then at night when you turn on the illumination you will be able to identify many of the features in our nights sky.

Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $69.99

Earth by Day and Night Globe Earth by Day and City Lights Night Globe

The Earth by Day and Night Illuminated Globe gives a cool perspective of how the earth must look at night from space. The daytime globe which is a political globe for identifying countries, boundaries and many other points of interest transforms into an illuminated map of city lights as they would be seen from space.

Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $69.99

Austin 16-inch Antique Illuminated Globe Austin 16-inch Antique Illuminated Globe

The Austin is an impressive 16-inch diameter globe, crisp cartography and solid hardwood stand contribute to the exceptional form and function of the Austin.

Price: $1,129.99
Sale Price: $955.00

Austin 16-inch Blue Illuminated Globe Austin 16-inch Blue Illuminated Globe

The Austin is an impressive 16-inch diameter blue ocean globe, crisp cartography and solid hardwood stand contribute to the exceptional form and function of the Austin.

Price: $1,129.99
Sale Price: $955.00

Orion Globe by Replogle Orion Globe 12-inch Illuminated Black Ocean

The Orion 12-inch Black Ocean Illuminated World Globe by Replogle stands 16.5 inches tall and features a stainless steel base and die cast metal semi meridian, along with gorgeous jet black oceans and vibrant landmasses for a unique look.

Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $111.25

Annapolis Globe by Replogle Annapolis Globe 20-inch Illuminated

The Annapolis is a 20″ diameter illuminated globe featuring a hand-applied, hand cut map and endless discoveries for the world traveler with over 4,200 place names.

Price: $3,149.99
Sale Price: $2,667.00

Aviator II Illuminated Globe Aviator II Illuminated Globe

The Aviator II Illuminated globe by Waypoint Geographic features an up-to-date 12-inch Blue Ocean globe with Silver finished metal and numbered meridian. The stacked three layer square wood base compliments the globe which can be used for reference and decor for the home or office.

Price: $109.99
Sale Price: $89.99
Marco Polo Marco Polo Day and Night Globe

The Marco Polo globe is a unique world globe design which when illuminated shows day and night with a detailed political map.  The globe position can be manually adjusted to reflect the month and season.  The base has a nice stainless steel style finish with a sturdy fiberglass meridian painted to match the overall design.  At 14-inches this globe is a spectacular deal for the size and features it has to offer.

Price: $449.99
Sale Price: $399.00

Carlyle Globe by Replogle Replogle Carlyle Globe 12-inch Illuminated Tabletop

The Carlyle 12-inch Antique Ocean Illuminated Raised Relief World Globe by Replogle features an antique style map and a rich, walnut finished wood base and brushed gold colored semi meridian, standing a total of 16 inches tall.

Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $111.25

Statesman Antique Globe by Replogle Statesman Globe 20-inch Illuminated

The Statesman 20-inch Antique or Blue Ocean Illuminated Floor Standing World Globe by Replogle stands 37 inches tall and is a unique and beautiful representation of our Earth. Hand cut and hand applied map features make it one of the finest globes available today.

Price: $4,199.99
Sale Price: $3,555.00

Traditional Illuminated Globes - Lighted Globes

Illuminated world globes are some of the most popular and most functional world globes available on the market today. You can find a number of expertly designed world globes that are illuminated and if you have a specific style of world globe in mind, you're likely to find a version that offers brilliant illumination and completes the globe's stunning look.

Many illuminated world globes provide dual map illumination, that allow you to view two different map styles based on whether the globe is illuminated or not. When the illumination is turned on, many lighted globes show either geopolitical boundaries or physical boundaries, while the opposite map is shown when the illumination is turned off. This makes for a very dynamic and educational world globe, increasing its value as a comprehensive learning tool. With a globe that features dual map illumination, you can have two different globes in one!

Illuminated world globes are available in many different styles including antique or old world style world globes, modern and contemporary style world globes or a blend of both! They're available with a great number of base styles, including rich, solid wood bases and sleek metal frames.

With a little knowledge, you can choose the illuminated world globe that best fits your style and personality. When choosing the right illuminated globe for you, choose one that has all the features you're looking for, such as the height and style of the stand, and the color ocean that best meets your decor or educational needs. Never before have so many different styles and models of illuminated world globes been available at such incredible values as you will find at Ultimate Globes, so you have the freedom to choose the globe that is love at first sight!

These types of globes make excellent gifts and great additions to the home or office, and are just as practical as they are artistic and beautifully designed.