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Save 20 to 60% plus FREE Shipping on World Globes on Sale

Save big on special discounts throughout our store. Find savings of up to 50% on gemstone globes as well as over 20% on children's globes and floor globes. If you are shopping for a large 20-inch or larger globe, contact our Customer Service department for assistance on finding the right globe to fit your needs!
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Landen Globe 16-inch Floor Standing Globe Landen Globe 16-inch

ULTIMATE GLOBES EXCLUSIVE! The 16-inch Landen Globe is by far one of the best designed floor standing globes on the market. Featuring an antique color globe ball with raised relief and over 4,100 up to date named places and points of interest, this globe is mounted in a full swing numbered meridian allowing you to turn the globe left or right as well as tip it forward or backward in order to see any portion of the globes surface from any angle.

Price: $499.99
Daily Deal Price: $224.99

Viking Expedition Globe Viking Expedition Globe 16-inch

ULTIMATE GLOBES EXCLUSIVE!The Viking Expedition globe is the perfect marriage between rustic and contemporary featuring a 16 inch bronze metallic globe ball with a full swing meridian, standing 40 inches tall.

Price: $499.99
Sale Price: $249.99

Queen Anne Globe by Replogle Queen Anne Globe 16-inch Illuminated

The Queen Anne 16-inch Illuminated Antique Ocean Raised Relief Floor World Globe by Replogle features a solid cherry-finish hardwood stand and die cast meridian which calls to mind 18th Century European influence.

Price: $736.99
Sale Price: $625.00
Livingston Globe by Replogle Replogle Livingston Globe

The Livingston Globe by Replogle is an illuminated 12-inch blue ocean globe with raised relief, a simple yet traditional world globe that is gorgeously stunning. It is 16 inches tall and features both vegetative and political mapping as well as soft illumination and a hardwood base.

Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $111.25

The Barrel World Globe - Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® Barrel Globe Frank Lloyd Wright 16-inch

The 16-inch Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel World Globe by Replogle is a stunning adaptation of Wrights universally recognized furniture design for the Barrel Chair. Replogle pairs the stand with a striking antique style sphere, creating a 39 inches tall model.

Price: $1,129.99
Sale Price: $955.00

Globe 4 Kids Globe by Replogle Replogle Globe 4 Kids Globe 10-inch Illuminated Desktop

A fun and colorfully educational globe, the Globe 4 Kids by Replogle is perfect for children of all ages. It features images of animals, landmarks, and famous people with political boundaries, relief map cartography, and is capable of luminous display.

Price: $82.99
Sale Price: $69.50

Desoto Executive Globe by Replogle Desoto Executive Globe

The Desoto Executive Globe is a 12" diameter up-to-date tabletop globe featuring antique oceans mounted on a brushed silver semi-meridian. The round hardwood base is finished in a dark walnut color. Overall height is 16 inches.

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $74.99
National Geographic Byrd Globe National Geographic Byrd Globe

National Geographic Byrd Globe features a 16-inch illuminated raised-relief, blue ocean globe ball mounted on a full swing meridian with a medium teak hardwood base. Shop, Compare, Buy.

Price: $324.99
Sale Price: $272.25

National Geographic Allanson Globe National Geographic Allanson Globe

National Geographic Allanson Globe features a 12-inch, raised-relief, antique ocean globe ball mounted a sturdy antique plated die-cast base and semi-meridain.

Price: $131.99
Sale Price: $111.25

National Geographic Hudson Globe National Geographic Hudson Globe

The Hudson is a 12 inch, blue ocean globe with an antique brass-plated die-cast semi-meridian mounted on a hardwood base and riser with medium walnut finish.

Price: $131.99
Sale Price: $111.25

National Geographic Garrison Globe Garrison Globe 16-inch

The Garrison highlights the bold character and classic design that fits perfect in any office, study or living room.  This impressive 16-inch, antique beige color ocean globe with the latest National Geographic cartography in executive colors and solid hardwood stand contribute to the exceptional form and function of the Garrison.

Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $512.00

Beth Sholom - Frank Lloyd Wright Collection Beth Sholom Globe 12-inch Illuminated Frank Lloyd Wright

The Beth Sholom 12-inch illuminated globe was adapted from one of Wrights designs for a hexagonal walnut and copper planter in the historic synagogue in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Price: $359.99
Sale Price: $311.00
Heathrow Executive Globe Heathrow Executive Globe

The Heathrow Executive Globe is a 12" diameter decorative floor standing globe featuring antique style oceans mounted atop a decorative wood base and hand turned wood post.

Price: $225.00
Daily Deal Price: $179.99

Finley Antique Globe by Replogle Finley Globe 20-inch Antique Illuminated

The Finley 20-inch Antique Ocean Illuminated Floor Standing World Globe by Replogle stands 37 inches tall and features a four legged hardwood base and brushed brass colored meridian, along with hand cut and hand applied map features.

Price: $2,099.99
Sale Price: $1,775.00

Monarch Globe Monarch Globe

The Monarch Globe is a 12" diameter decorative tabletop globe featuring slate grey style oceans and silver landmasses mounted on a metal full swing meridian atop a marble beautifully veined base.

Price: $199.95
Sale Price: $129.99

Cranbrook Globe by Replogle Replogle Cranbrook Globe 12-inch Tabletop

The Cranbrook 12-inch Antique Ocean Raised Relief Desktop World Globe by Replogle is a gorgeous centerpiece that will surely complement any home or office. A brass inclination mounting gives the sphere a total height of 18 inches.

Price: $134.99
Sale Price: $116.75

Highspire Globe by Replogle Highspire Globe

The Highspire Globe is a 12" diameter tabletop
globe featuring antique oceans mounted on a numbered semi-meridian. The wood base is complimented by a small riser providing a
stately height to the over all product.

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $77.49
Premier Globe by Replogle Replogle Premier Globe 12-inch Tabletop

With a gorgeous cherry finished base that houses a hardbound copy of the Rand McNally Premier World Atlas, the Premier 12-inch Antique Ocean Raised Relief with Atlas Desktop World Globe by Replogle is absolutely stunning at a full 18 inches tall.

Price: $328.99
Sale Price: $278.00


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