17 of the Best Globes for Your Desk

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch for your desk, you’ve come to the right place. A desk globe is a must-have desk accessory, adding a little interest, as well as a stylish touch. 

Desk globes have many purposes. Firstly, they are an attractive accessory, with various styles available. From traditional, vintage-inspired globes to something more minimal and modern, you can find a desk globe that’s suited to your taste. Secondly, globes are practical, serving as a point of reference which can be handy to have on your desk.

With a wide selection of desk globes at Ultimate Globes, we can help you find the perfect globe for your desk. 

How to choose a globe for your desk

Choosing the right desk globe depends on a number of factors. You’ll need to think about the size of your desk and how much space you have. This will help you choose the most suitable size globe for your desk.

Globes date back hundreds of years, and traditionally, were more for their utility than decoration. In recent years, however, globes have become attractive decorative pieces, and illuminated designs can also bring some additional lighting. Consider what you want your globe to be used for to help you choose a design that’s right for you.

At Ultimate Globes, we sell a range of affordable globes in different styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a desk globe for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you’ll find plenty to choose from here.

17 of the best globes for your desk

Globes come in various sizes and designs, and at Ultimate Globes, we have a lot of different styles to choose from. We have smaller designs that are perfect for a subtle addition to your desk, through to something a little more striking to make a lasting impression. You can even find desk globes in different colors to complement your existing decor.

With a lot of great globe designs, you can easily find a desk globe that will meet your needs. So which globe should you choose for your desk? We’ve selected 17 of the best desk globes to help you find your perfect match below.

1. Primus Raised Relief Globe

Primus Illuminated Left Side View

The Primus Globe delivers almost every feature globe buyers are seeking and is why it is rated #1 within our selection of desk globes.

With a raised relief surface indicating major mountain ranges, 2-in-1 map cartography with the political map showing when illuminated and a physical map when not illuminated this globe also features a large number of place names, including Continent, Country, State, State Capitals & Major Cities.

This globe is beautifully mounted atop a lens style hardwood base and metal numbered meridian that allows the 12-inch diameter globe to spin left or right. A perfect fit for almost every decor application.

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2. MagneGlobe Magnetic Globe

The MagneGlobe is a fantastic globe that will make a fun and functional addition to your desk.

At 9 inches, it’s a great size metal globe which features political landmass mapping and antique ocean styling, with plenty of features to provide detail. It also comes with 32 magnetic pins to help you mark different points, be it for business, for your own curiosity or to map out your past or future travels. 

Stylish and practical, it’s ideal for your modern office space.

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MagneGlobe Magnetic Globe (antique)

3. Crystal Marquise Globe

Crystal Marquise Globe

A contemporary office space deserves some modern features, and our Crystal Marquise Globe fits the bill. One of the best modern globes for your desk, it is neutral and striking, suitable for different types of decor.

Featuring a political clear ocean map, it is complemented by stainless-steel inclination mounting, making it one of our more unique globes. It’s sure to be a conversation starter, a piece that makes a wonderful first impression.

With its clear oceans and opaque silver landmasses, it has a luxury style that will be right at home in your office.

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4. NASA Moon Globe

If you want something a little different for your desk, why not consider a NASA moon globe? Featuring stylized NASA planetary imagery, this 12-inch diameter globe adds interest to your space. This unique globe features imagery straight from NASA, including some of the details found on the moon, including its craters, seas and mountains. 

The NASA Moon Globe is a quirky, unique globe that space enthusiasts will love. Giving you the chance to explore something out of this world, you won’t be bored at your desk again!

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NASA Moon Globe

5. Bingham Globe

Bingham Globe

The Bingham Globe is another fine example of a stylish desk globe that adds the perfect decorative touch to your office. It offers something a little different to the typical antique globe, and is named and styled after explorer Hiram Bingham III, famous for discovering the forgotten Inca city of Machu Picchu.

The Bingham has a two-toned wood base, an attractive time-dial and numbered antiqued finish die-cast semi-meridian. A piece of affordable luxury, it’s the ideal desk accessory.

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6. Orion Globe

The Orion Globe provides something a little different to your typical globe. With its black and silver detailing, it’s a beautiful illuminated globe that will take pride of place on your desk. Standing at 16.5 inches tall, with a stainless steel base, it makes a great feature, and is easy to read to discover the different corners of the world. 

If you want something a little different to the typical globe style, then add a stylish touch to your desk space with the unique Orion Globe.

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Orion Globe

7. Atlas Globe

Atlas Globe

If you want a desk globe that not only features an incredible metallic map, but also features a striking design, then the Mythical Atlas Globe a 12-inch bronze metallic color globe is the perfect fit for you. 

It is said that Atlas was sent to hold the world forever on his shoulders, as a way to repent for his sins, something which is stunningly captured in this bronze globe. At 20 inches tall, it’s a very striking item, which will be practical as well as an admired feature.

Atlas could be just what you need to find that little extra inspiration every day.

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8. Little Journey Globe

Small and mighty, the Little Journey Globe is the perfect compact addition to your desk. It’s illuminated to help you see on even the darkest nights and features an up-to-date political globe with hardwood lens style base and metal numbered meridian. 

Traditionally styled, but in keeping with modern trends, it’s a stylish 10-inch diameter globe that you’ll be happy to have grace your desk.

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Little Journey Globe Back View Illuminated

9. Copper Opalite Paperweight Globe

Copper Opalite Paperweight Globe

The Copper Opalite Paperweight Globe offers a fantastic alternative style to your typical globe – it’s a paperweight! It has an inlaid gemstone map, with an attractive copper and gemstone design. At just 4 inches tall, it’s a great paperweight that will brighten up your desk and keep all of your important papers in place.

As a smaller alternative to other desk globes, this would make a great gift to yourself or someone else.

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10. Lenox Globe

The Lenox Globe is a classic, political, antique ocean map globe that adds a more traditional touch to your decor. It features a wonderfully rich, hardwood base that gives it a striking finish. With a 12-inch diameter and standing 17.3 inches tall, it’s a great size for smaller spaces, while still making a lasting impression.

Featuring more traditional styling, it’s a great globe for those with sophisticated tastes.

Bringing a touch of the old-world to your world, the Lenox is a must for your desk.

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Lenox Globe

11. Pacific Globe

Pacific Globe

The Pacific Globe features a striking, classic design that adds a little color to your desk. It has a blue ocean design, a smooth surface and has a beautiful metal finish with numbered semi-meridian mounting. The pagoda-inspired base completes the look, for a sophisticated finish.

Featuring the latest information, the Pacific Globe is a beautiful desk accessory which also makes a detailed point of reference where needed.

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12. Light & Color Globe

If you prefer a more minimalist look for your office space, then the colorful Light & Color Globe series is a must for your desk. These globes features a simple design with an attractive finish which matches perfectly with most styles of decor.

The map features are minimal and clean, but still providing an excellent reference where needed. It also has a simple silver stand, which helps add detail without being too imposing. Standing at 15 inches tall, it illuminates to provide some added light when you need it.

Simple and elegant, this stunning globe is sure to delight.

See the full selection of Light & Color Globes here >>

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13. Hexagon Globe

Hexagon Globe

A luxurious office space deserves some striking accessories to complement the look. The Hexagon Globe is a wonderful item that featuring a beautiful hexagon stand that rotates to give you a closer look at the world.

It’s inspired by designer Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed a series of hexagon-shaped furniture, matching the shape of the H.C. Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The result is a unique, stylish globe that will make an incredible statement at 19.8 inches tall.

If you’re looking for a standout feature for your office, then the Hexagon Globe is a great choice for you.

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14.  iGlobe Light in Blue

With its minimalist blue design, this is a beautiful modern globe to add some detail to your desk. Perfect for use as a reference as well as a decorative piece, the iGlobe illuminates to provide some lighting too. With a 10-inch diameter and simple stand design, it’s not too imposing, which is ideal if you prefer a simpler style.

A modern look to suit your modern decor, the iGlobe Light in Blue is a fine choice for your office.

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iGlobe Light Blue Illuminated

15. Navigators Terrestrial 16th Century Globe

Navigators Terrestrial 16th Century Globe

A traditional globe design makes a spectacular feature for any desk. It’s a great conversation starter, but it also features plenty of interesting detail to keep you occupied.

There’s a lot of detail with this globe, and is an exact reproduction of 16th century Mercator globe with hand applied paper gores. The stand is also impressive, with detailed turned wood and a French finish that adds luxury and sophistication. 

A traditional globe with a timeless appeal, it’s a must-have to bring a luxury touch to your desk.

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16. Weber Costello 1921 USA Globe

The Weber Costello 1921 USA Globe is an old-world period map with a traditional design. It has an ebonized wood stand accented in bronze, and colored gores which have been applied by hand, giving it a more authentic look. With a 7.1 diameter, it’s a nice compact design that will look right at home on your desk.

Perfectly suited for both classic and modern decor styles, this globe will look the part but is fascinating to look at too.

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Weber Costello 1921 USA Globe

17. Voyager Globe

Voyager Globe

The Voyager Globe is another traditionally designed globe with a modern twist. Featuring a political antique ocean map, it has beautiful antique coloring with earth toned oceans paired with soft multi-colored country shadings. It’s a highly detailed globe, featuring over 4,000 place names and points of interest, which will keep you occupied when you need a distraction from your work.

With its cherry-colored wooden base and numbered die-cast meridian, it’s a classic globe to complete your desk decor.

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With so many great choices, you have your pick of the best globes for your desk. From colorful designs to more minimalist globes, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at Ultimate Globe. Explore some decorating ideas for desk globes to give you some inspiration and take a look at our full selection of desk globes here.

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