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Also known as AEP, these globes are produced with education in mind. From exploring our galaxy to the core of our earth, you will find these products most educational, many used in the classrooms of our schools to teach.
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Globe Kit Globe Kit

Kit contains an 8-inch diameter Earth globe, transparent hemispheres, internal Earth cone disk, flexible kilometer scale and 8 protractor. Teachers Guide takes you through several activities. Recommended for Grades 6-12.

Price: $47.99
Sale Price: $33.59
Physiographic Relief Globe 12-inch Physiographic Relief Globe 12-inch

Special two piece construction gives students a cross-sectional view of the Earth's interior, depicting crust, mantle, inner and outer cores. Detailed notations specify temperatures, air densities, distances and atmospheric layers.

Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $62.99
Solar System Simulator Solar System Simulator

The Solar System Simulator is a three-dimensional model of our sun and the eight planets. The calendar at the base allows the positioning of planets according to the date and shows the relative position between individual planets and the sun.

Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $104.99
Celestial Star Globe Basic, Transparent Celestial Star Globe Basic, Transparent

Study the stars with your own planetarium using the Celestial Star Globe Basic, Transparent! This unique 12-inch diameter globe clearly and simply demonstrates the apparent relationship between Earth and the stars, planets, galaxies and other celestial objects in the universe.

Price: $149.99
Sale Price: $104.99
Land and Ocean Globe Land and Ocean Globe

The Land and Ocean 12-inch educational globe helps students discover the intricate patterns of land and water covering the Earth. Details of land masses and bodies of water are depicted in 3-D raised relief.

Price: $182.49
Sale Price: $127.43
Celestial Star Globe Celestial Star Globe - Transparent

Study the stars with your own Celestial Star Globe! This unique 12-inch diameter globe and 3.3-inch world globe makes it easy.

Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $153.99