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If you are looking for a replica period globe with unique stand stylings, these items will catch your eye. Where current up to date globes are not required, the period maps used with these products will make an aesthetically pleasing contribution to your home or office decor.
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Mercator 1541 Globe with Classic Stand Mercator 1541 Globe with Classic Stand

The Mercator 1541 Globe is a classic 16th century globe atop a stand finished in a rich and perfect match of ebonized wood and bronze. The maps used provide old world cartography with excellent artistic detail and color.

Price: $318.00
Sale Price: $265.00
Weber Costello 1921 USA Globe Weber Costello 1921 USA Globe

A contemporary classic. 1920s Weber Costello globe is displayed on ebonized wood stand accented bronze. Colored gores are applied to the globe core by hand with authentic construction and detail.

Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $83.00
Navigators Terrestrial 16th Century Globe Navigators Terrestrial 16th Century Globe

Decorative and well-executed globe from the age of exploration. Stand is detailed turned wood, French finish. Exact reproduction of 16th C. Mercator globe, hand applied paper gores.  A great addition to your home or office.

Price: $214.00
Sale Price: $179.00

Mercator 17th Century Globe With Compass Mercator 17th Century Globe With Compass

Classic globes without a matching compass were considered incomplete. This wonderfully constructed bronze and wood stand with globe includes true reproduction of 17th C. dry compass.

Price: $84.00
Sale Price: $70.00

16th Century Bookend Globes 16th Century Bookend Globes (pair)

As a scientific symbol, our bookends add a touch of distinction to home and office. Matching celestial and terrestrial globes dating back to the 16th C. Bronze mountings and French finished stands.

Price: $138.00
Sale Price: $115.00
Weber Costello 1921 Old World Globe Weber Costello 1921 Globe

For a truly authentic globe with a charming old world feel, choose the Weber Costello 1921 Old World Globe. At 19.5 inches tall, this beautiful sphere is accented by rustic maps and an ebonized rosewood stand with nickel-plated brass detailing.

Price: $246.00
Sale Price: $205.00

Authentic Models

Authentic Models produces world globes like you have never seen before. Taking a page from the styles of maps and world globes of old, Authentic Models does an excellent job of creating stunning reproductions of seventeenth and eighteenth century world globes. Whether you are looking for an old, Baroque style floor standing world globe or a smaller, desktop model, Authentic Models produces world globes that are simply unmatched in their beauty and splendor.

One of the worlds best manufacturers of striking armillary globes, Authentic Models has two armillary globes that cant be beat. These large floor standing models are a unique representation of the Earth and how when man first began learning about the Earth, he believed that it was at the center of the universe. Authentic Models armillary globes make unique additions to both indoor and outdoor spaces, and will quickly become the conversation piece in your home. Authentic Models classic reproductions of old world style maps include precise, hand applied graphics to create a seamless look that gives the sphere its stunningly accurate eighteenth century look.

More than just a touch of old world charm, these gorgeous globes actually include replicas of maps that once decorated the rooms of the Versailles and the Louvre. Old world map icons help make these world globes not only beautifully superb but magnificent historical documents as well. Never before have you been able to learn about our worlds exploration age in such a dynamic and affordable way! Authentic Models proves that there is more to a world globe than just a stand and a map - their collection of fine, historical world globes makes an excellent addition to any home or office, or any professional space.

Libraries with an antique feel aren't complete without an Authentic Models world globe and the traditional palette used to create each sphere is a beautiful complement to almost any decor. Let yourself fall in love with one of Authentic Models antique world globes and immerse yourself in the splendor of new world exploration.