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Possibly the finest globe artisans the world has ever known, Columbus Globes features manufactures world globes that were created for those with discerning tastes in mind. If you won't settle for a world globe that is less than the very best, Columbus Globes has what you've been looking for all along. Stunningly crafted and beautifully designed in Germany, Columbus Globes are a one of a kind collection.
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Magnum Plus Duo Globe Magnum Plus Duo Globe

  • 40" Globe Diameter (Acrylic)
  • Full Swing Meridian
  • Columbus Duo Political Map
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Stand
  • On/Off Illumination

Price: $14,999.00
Sale Price: $12,695.00
Bamberg Globe Bamberg Globe

The Bamberg Globe is equipped with a 16" diameter, hand-blown glass sphere. The DUO technology features an exterior map that demonstrates the nations of the world in vivid, contrasting colors and an interior map that reveals, physical characteristics when the light shines out from the center of the glass sphere.

Price: $1,149.00
The Bremen 16″ Crystal Globe by Columbus Columbus Bremen DUO Globe 16-inch Illuminated Handblown Crystal

Let the beautifully illuminated, 16-inch hand blown crystal Bremen Illuminated World Globe with Floor Stand by Columbus take center stage in your home or office. It blends beautifully with any decor and is truly a one of a kind conversation piece.

Price: $1,249.00
Sale Price: $1,149.00
Hannover Duo Globe Hannover Duo Globe

Each Hannover Duo Globe features a carefully-crafted, 16" diameter, hand-blown glass sphere, onto which the attractive Duo map is applied by hand. The DUO technology enables the globe gazer to see the political world with the light off and the physical world with the light on.

Price: $1,149.00
Berlin Globe Berlin Globe

The Berlin Globe is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. The beautiful, solid, walnut stand strikes an elegant pose, evoking elaborate globe stands of centuries past. Mother-of-pearl inlays enrich the finely carved wooden base, which supports a 360 degree, gimbaled-mounted brass meridian with latitudinal calibrations.

Price: $6,995.00
Zurich Globe Zurich Globe

The amazing Zurich Globe is not only impressive in size, but also in its composition. This 53" tall, illuminated model features a 20" diameter, glass sphere hand-blown with extraordinary care by Columbus Globes in-house glass artisans and hand-coated with a DUO map, which features two maps, a highly-detailed, political map, as well as a spectacular physical map when lit from within.

Price: $2,895.00
Columbus Osnabruck 21″ Crystal Globe With Walnut Floor Base Columbus Osnabruck Globe 21-inch Illuminated Handblown Crystal

The Osnabruck Globe by Columbus features a solid walnut wood forked base that elevates a 21-inch hand blown crystal sphere a full 47 inches from the floor for a unique and formidable world globe. Hand papered maps with physical and political boundaries complete the look.

Price: $4,995.00
Sale Price: $3,995.00

Magnum Dup Globe Magnum Duo Globe

The Magnum Duo 77 Globe stand exhibits an elegant, wishbone design that elevates the 30 1/2" diameter, acrylic sphere to an overall height of 50". The brushed stainless steel stand features a 360 degree meridian that is gimbaled mounted, enabling full inspection of the sphere's enormous, illuminated ball. Thousands of place names and physical features are displayed on the high resolution, hand-applied map, including cold and warm water ocean currents and shipping lanes.

Price: $9,995.00
Konstanz Globe Konstanz Globe

This 47" tall, illuminated floor model is supported by a handsome matte-brass and glossy-brass pedestal stand. With the attractive Konstanz Globe, Columbus Globe's clearly illustrates their passion for the time-honored tradition of globe making.

Price: $1,149.00
Columbus Bremen Duorama Crystal Globe With Floor Metal/Wood Base Columbus Bremen Duorama Globe 16-inch Illuminated Handblown Crystal

At 47 inches tall, the Bremen Duorama Globe by Columbus is truly a work of art. A 16-inch diameter hand blown crystal sphere complements the look of the brushed metal and solid wenge wood freestanding base, and brilliant hand papered maps complete the look.

Price: $1,249.00
Sale Price: $1,149.00

Hannover Duorama Globe Hannover Duorama Globe

The Hannover DUORAMA globe, beneath its cartographic veneer is a 16" diameter, crystal glass ball. This hand-blown crystal ball provides the spherical surface onto which Columbus Globe's famed DUORAMA map is hand-applied.

Price: $1,149.00

Magnum Duorama Globe Magnum Duorama Globe

The beautiful 30 1/2" diameter sphere is held aloft by a wishbone-shaped stand consisting of twin, brushed stainless steel supports anchored by an attractive disc-shaped base. The sphere is encircled by a 360 degree meridian that is gimbaled-mounted to the stand, enabling thorough examination of the thousands of place names and physical features which cover the sphere in amazing detail.

Price: $9,995.00
Rosenheim Globe Rosenheim Globe

A crystal-clear, hand-blown glass ball is the key to the brilliant illumination of the beautiful Rosenheim Globe. Onto the 16" diameter sphere's crystalline surface an antique-inspired, dual-imaged map is skillfully hand-applied. Illumination through the glass sphere dramatically reveals the earth's rugged surface and underwater bathymetry with distinct clarity. With the light off, the nations of the world appear in bright, contrasting colors.

Price: $1,149.00

Columbus Bremen Royal 16″ Crystal Antique Globe With Floor MetalWood Base Columbus Bremen Royal Globe 16-inch Illuminated Handblown Crystal

Hand papered maps and antique styling gives the 16-inch Bremen Royal Globe by Columbus a little something extra. World famous Columbus artisans have hand blown the pristine sphere from crystal and a stainless steel and wenge wood base complete the look.

Price: $1,249.99
Sale Price: $1,149.00

Hannover Royal Globe Hannover Royal Globe

Experienced glass artisans have hand-blown the 16" diameter glass ball, expert cartographers have drafted the superb political/physical map, and skilled crafts persons have hand applied the map onto the glass ball, resulting in a superb, 16" diameter, antique-inspired sphere.

Price: $1,149.00
Heidelberg Globe Heidelberg Globe

The Heidelberg Globe exhibits a stylish, high gloss chrome base and semi-meridian. The DUO technology enables the globe gazer to see the political world with the light off and the physical world with the light on.

Price: $349.00
Freiburg Globe Freiburg Globe

The Freiburg Globe features an attractive base, comprised of exquisite, Makassar wooden veneer, supports a brushed stainless steel meridian in perfect harmony with the superb, 13" sphere.  The 17" tall, German-made Freiburg Globe will lend an air of modern sophistication to any setting.

Price: $349.00

Vienna Globe Vienna Globe

The Vienna Globe features a 16" diameter acrylic ball onto which an antique-ocean, political map is skillfully hand-applied. The map is populated with names of thousands of places and physical features while contrasting, pastel colors highlight the nations of the world.

Price: $459.00

About Columbus Globes

Many of Columbus Globes' spheres are hand blown crystal, a fine art that only a handful of Columbus globe artisans have mastered. These hand blown crystal spheres feature a seamless equator and each and every one reflects the fact that Columbus employs only the highest quality craftsmanship for a truly unique world globe.

For those who have a deep appreciation of fine materials and master craftsmanship, there truly is no better way to view the Earth and the world we live in than with a superior Columbus globe. Columbus Globes features a variety of hand blown crystal globes, ranging from tabletop models to the very large and impressive floor standing models. Each globe is exceptionally unique and the passion Columbus artisans have for the art of globe making and geography is present in every detail of the spheres. Columbus adds yet another touch of sophistication by hand papering each map onto its respective blown crystal sphere, something that only Columbus Globes can offer. In addition, Columbus has created an additional line of acrylic globes that feature their unique map styles at an affordable price.

Whether you choose a modern, contemporary style world globe with a stunning brushed metal base and rich, blue oceans or an antique ocean world globe cradled in a solid hardwood frame, you can be confident that Columbus' globes will give you much more than you ever needed in a world globe. You'll love the way Columbus' spectacular and regal globes look in your home or office!