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Gemstone Floor Globes

Gemstone floor globes are a beautiful way to present the world in your home or office. The semi-precious stones used are handcrafted for each location providing for a stunning look in a world globe.


What stones are typically used on gemstone globes?

Each globe manufacturer is slightly different in their arrangement and use of stones, however, here is a list of the most popular stones used:

Abalone Shell, Amethyst, Aphrizite, Belioculas Onyx, Black Spotted Jade, Chrysolithos, Coral, Green Jade, Green Jasper, Lapis, Lapis Siphnos, Mongolian Jade, Mongolian Red Spotted Jade, Mongolian White Jade, Mother of Pearl, Phoenix Jade, Picture Jasper, Purple Quartz, Red Jade, Red Spotted Jade, South African Jade, Spotted Jade, Tiger Eye, Turquoise, White Jade

Gemstone Globes make a colorful addition to any home!