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Illuminated Floor Globes

A great feature in a floor globe is the addition of illumination. In most globes when you turn on the internal light, more colors and information can be found on the globe.

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Light Bulb Replacement

How do I replace the Light Bulb?

More and more globes are being produced with LED lighting, so changing the light bulb would not be an on-going concern, however, the majority of illuminated globes still include a standard light bulb that may burn out over time.

Replacing the light bulb is not a large task. The globe is attached to the meridian on the top and bottom. By removing the insert or in some cases a screw at the north pole that holds the globe to the meridian, you will be able to free the globe to one side or the other and simply pull the globe ball up off the light kit.

Once you have exposed the light bulb you can replace it with the proper wattage and size. We suggest not increasing the wattage of the bulb as the heat emitted could damage the map over time and cause a potential hazard. And of course, do not forget to unplug your globe from the outlet before starting any bulb replacement.

Assistance: If you require additional assistance when replacing the light bulb, feel free to contact our Customer Support department at 877-745-6237 ext 101 and we will be happy to assist.