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Magnum Plus Duorama Globe, 40-inch Diameter, Illuminated

Columbus Magnum Plus Duorama Globe, 40-inch Diameter, Illuminated, Floor Standing Globe, 2111182

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Columbus Globes
40" Illuminated Blue Ocean Globe
Metal Stainless Steel Finish with Swing Meridian
Handpapered Political Map wih 4,400 Named Places
68"H x 52"W x 40"D - 150LBS

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The Magnum Plus Duorama Illuminated Floor World Globe by Columbus is truly a globe that is in a class of its own. Colorful graphics showing relief patterns are carefully hand applied to the resilient acrylic sphere for a unique look that provokes you to touch it. The brushed silver forked floor stand holds this beautiful work of art at 68" high, and an illuminated sphere brings to light the magnificent detailing of the globe.

This Illuminated Floor Stand World Globe combines patience, experience, technology and up to date cartography to create a world globe that is both an informative reference tool and a piece de resistance. Each Magnum Illuminated Floor Stand World Globe has over 40 hours of passion and labor poured into it, giving it an unsurpassed quality that you never thought possible for a world globe.

This functional and aesthetic 40" sphere is an impressive addition to your educational collection and its vibrant, traditional colors will complement any home, office or open area decor. The stunning cartography and exclusive features of the Magnum Plus Duorama Illuminated Floor Stand World Globe blend perfectly together to create a globe that is German craftsmanship and technology at its best.

* Perfection in detail: The unique relief impression and its cartography created with special care for the details provoke the viewer to touch it.
* Pure-functional aesthetic: The classically elegant fork base is finished in a special high grade brushed steel.
* Stunning cartography: The map of the MAGNUM is printed on a high resolution plotter and is hand-covered on the sphere.

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