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Armillary Globes

Armillary globes are among the most decorative and impressive globes on the market today. Their design is unparalleled and they'll make a striking impression no matter where you put them. Armillary globes put less of an emphasis on geographical features and mapping, while putting more of an emphasis on design and structure. If you're looking for an architecturally superb world globe, an armillary globe is your best bet!

About Armillary Globes

These unique and contemporary representations of the Earth showcase quality design and excellent craftsmanship, as well as bringing old world style back to life. If you have an outdoor space that you'd put a gazing ball in, or a library or other large room that needs a gorgeous work of art, an armillary globe will be the perfect touch you've been looking for.

Many armillary globes are crafted from wrought iron and will stand the test of time year after year. Place a pair of armillary globes in front of your home for an impressive entrance way, or next to your fireplace during the winter. Armillary globes are simple yet unique, featuring clean, intertwining lines and one of a kind craftsmanship.

If you've been looking for a world globe that will set you apart from the crowd, look no further than an armillary globe! An armillary globe will take center stage in your home, lending an air of elegance and architectural grandeur to any surroundings.