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2022 Top Floor Globe Gifts

Add functional decor to your room with one of our top floor standing globes.

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Waypoint Geographic Floor Globes

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About Waypoint Geographic Floor Globes

From 16-inch to 20-inch diameters, Waypoints floor standing globes have something for everyone. It’s hard to find a better value than the large floor standing globes Waypoint manufactures.

Floor Globes

A floor globe is a great way to show off your world! Floor-standing globes make a great addition to the home or office and are available in various styles and sizes to meet your decorative need. What sets most models apart is the stand. For the best viewing, choose a globe mounted with a Full Swing Meridian, which allows the globe to move in all directions.

What to Consider When Buying Floor Standing Globes

Globe Diameter: Globe sizes range from 12″ to 45″+. Choose the largest globe that fits your budget when space is not a consideration. As the globes size increases, the text size typically increases, making it easier to read and identify points of interest.

Ocean Color: Globes are available in many colors; the most traditional colors are Blue and Antique (parchment color) oceans. When choosing an accent piece for the home or office, our customers typically choose Antique ocean colors. Antique refers to the finish of the ocean color and not the age of the globe, as all globes include updated named places and points of interest. Blue ocean globes are a good choice if you are looking for a more standard educational or modern style.

Overall Height: Globes in the 32″ height range are considered excellent for chair-side viewing, meaning you can sit in a chair next to the globe and easily reference its features. At 38″ or higher, globes can easily be viewed by standing next to them. If you have a large area that needs something to counterbalance the room’s space, you may want to consider a taller globe.