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About Constellation & Space Globes for Kids

Constellation & Space Globes are a great way for children to explore the universe. Learn about stars and other planets in our solar system.

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About our Globes for Kids

Our selection of children's globes fall into three different categories: interactive globes, reference globes, and toy globes. Some interactive globes come with electric wands that allow your child to touch different parts of the world and hear specific information about a geographic area. Other globes can be written on and even taken apart to illustrate the layout of the solar system.

Our reference kids globes are typically 12 inches in diameter and display all of the blue oceans, points of interest, and geographical features of our planet. We also carry small to large toy globes that range in size and functionality from night light to an inflatable ball. Our goal is to make learning fun for kids in any way possible. Order our world globes for kids to let them enhance their knowledge of the world they live in!