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Columbus Globes

NOTE: Columbus Globes has paused the distribution of its products in the USA at this time. For more information about the availability of Columbus Globes, please contact our Customer Support department.

Possibly the finest globe artisans the world has ever known, Columbus Globes manufactures world globes that were created for those with discerning tastes in mind. If you won't settle for a world globe that is less than the very best, Columbus Globes has what you've been looking for all along. Stunningly crafted and beautifully designed in Germany, Columbus Globes are a one of a kind collection.

About Columbus Globes

Many of Columbus Globes' spheres are hand blown crystal, a fine art that only a handful of Columbus globe artisans have mastered. These hand blown crystal spheres feature a seamless equator and each and every one reflects the fact that Columbus employs only the highest quality craftsmanship for a truly unique world globe.

For those who have a deep appreciation of fine materials and master craftsmanship, there truly is no better way to view the Earth and the world we live in than with a superior Columbus globe. Columbus Globes features a variety of hand blown crystal globes, ranging from tabletop models to the very large and impressive floor standing models. Each globe is exceptionally unique and the passion Columbus artisans have for the art of globe making and geography is present in every detail of the spheres. Columbus adds yet another touch of sophistication by hand papering each map onto its respective blown crystal sphere, something that only Columbus Globes can offer. In addition, Columbus has created an additional line of acrylic globes that feature their unique map styles at an affordable price.

Whether you choose a modern, contemporary style world globe with a stunning brushed metal base and rich, blue oceans or an antique ocean world globe cradled in a solid hardwood frame, you can be confident that Columbus' globes will give you much more than you ever needed in a world globe. You'll love the way Columbus' spectacular and regal globes look in your home or office!