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Decorative World Globes for Desks and More

Our selection of globes doesn't just serve a useful purpose; globe decor also makes for one of the most universal and timeless design options available today. Nothing blends in more seamlessly with multiple decorating aesthetics - from chic and modern to nautical to zen and minimalist - than the decorative desktop globe. That's why we've sifted through our 1000+ globe options and compiled a lineup of some of the most decorative desktop globes for sale on Ultimate Globes.

Each of these decorative world globes for desks is a great choice in its own right, fitting an array of homes and styles. Many of these globes feature unique stand styles or interesting touches like old-world-period maps, providing a unique look for that special location. Globe home decor is truly one of the most versatile and beautiful decorating options for any living or office space.

However, this is only a small selection of the globes that are available, so if you are looking for a desk or table-sized globe and don't see something that piques your interest here, check out our broader desktop and tabletop categories. Order now for free shipping and hassle-free returns!