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Rockford Globe Rockford Globe

The Rockford Globe by Replogle is a 16" diameter up-to-date tabletop
globe featuring antique style oceans mounted on a full swing meridian.

Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $129.99
Buy Today & Save $90.00!

Desoto Executive Globe by Replogle Desoto Executive Globe

The Desoto Executive Globe is a 12" diameter up-to-date tabletop globe featuring antique oceans mounted on a brushed silver semi-meridian. The round hardwood base is finished in a dark walnut color. Overall height is 16 inches.

Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $69.99
Buy Today & Save $29.96!

Monarch Globe Monarch Globe

The Monarch Globe is a 12" diameter decorative tabletop globe featuring slate grey style oceans and silver landmasses mounted on a metal full swing meridian atop a marble beautifully veined base.

Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $99.99
Buy Today & Save $120.00!

atmosphere black cameo silhouette globe Atmosphere Black Cameo Silhouette Globe

The Atmosphere Black Cameo Silhouette Globe is a great focal point for mantles, bookshelves and desktops.
The one of a kind two-tone design is crafted from steel and makes an artistic addition to any interior space. The sphere rests on a stainless steel stand at a diagonal tilt, similar to the Earth's position in the Solar System.

Price: $252.00
Sale Price: $180.00
Buy Today & Save $72.00!

Shop Globes by Size

Not sure what the best size is for your needs? Here are a couple of helpful hints:

Small 3 - 6 inch Globes: These are perfect if you only have a very small area to cover, such as limited space on a desk or bookshelf.

Medium 7 - 11 inch Globes: Great selections for small areas, such as a chair side table or credenza. These are also good gift sizes.

Standard 12 inch Globes: The largest selection of globes is found in this size and are mainly globes with desk style stands. It is the standard size for tabletops and larger desks.

Large 16 inch Globes: 16" Globes are the standard for floor standing globes. There are a few tabletop globes in this size, but due to the larger size it is a preferable size for floor standing globes.

Very Large 20 inch+ Globes: When only the biggest will do, the stately size makes a big impression in any room they are placed. Just remember the golden rule to measure twice!

If you are having trouble selecting the right size globe, just contact our specialists. With years of knowledge and experience with each size and style, they can point you in the right direction.