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Inflatable globes are a fun learning toy for children of all ages. Whether in the classroom or outside, each inflatable globe presents opportunities to identify the world geography.

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GeoSafari Giant Inflatable Solar System Planets, Inflatable, EI-LER2434 Giant Inflatable Solar System Planets
Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $44.99
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Replogle Inflatable Dark Blue Topographical Globe, 12-inch Diameter, Inflatable, 15601 Inflatable Dark Blue Topographical Globe, 12-inch Diameter
Price From: $14.99
(price shown is for 12" globe size when available - check sizes below)

Replogle Inflatable Light Blue Political Globe, 12-inch Diameter, inflatable, 15001 Inflatable Light Blue Political Globe, 12-inch Diameter
Price From: $14.99
(price shown is for 12" globe size when available - check sizes below)


About Inflatable Globes

For kids, there's nothing more fun than holding a big, inflatable replica of the Earth in your hands! Inflatable world globes bring a whole new perspective to learning about our Earth and the world we live in, and it's in a way that children will readily become involved in. Inflatable world globes are incredibly durable and affordable, and are available in a myriad of sizes. Choose the inflatable globe that best fits your child's needs! They make great educational and reference tools for classrooms, and make learning fun and exciting for children and students of all ages.

Some inflatable world globes such as the EarthBalls include the most advanced and up to date satellite imagery available, making the globe a beautiful and accurate replica of the Earth as it is seen from space. Other inflatable world globes feature political maps that outline the world's many continents and countries while still other styles of inflatable world globes feature topographical maps that show the Earth's mountains, valleys and bodies of water.

Most inflatable globes utilize easy to read place names and points of interest, making it simple and easy for children to learn about the world. When choosing an inflatable world globe that your children or students will love, take into account the age of the children in relation to the size of the globe. Are you aiming to teach preschoolers about the Earth? Don't choose a very large globe - instead, choose a smaller, 12" or 16" diameter inflatable globe that is easier for little hands to handle. Older children will appreciate the jumbo 27" or 1 meter inflatable globes!

Inflatable world globes can take the place of a beach ball at the beach or even a child's ball at home. Each globe encourages learning, even in the simplest form when just learning what the world looks like. You can help children and students learn about the world by talking to them about each individual continent, country and city or talk to them about the Earth's many natural wonders including lakes, oceans and islands. Teaching children about the Earth is easy and fun with an inflatable world globe!