Learn About World Globes

When buying a product we all like to do a little research so we can make the best informed decision and some times we just like to learn. So we have put together some information our customers most look for or ask about when shopping with us. We hope you find it informative!

Buying Guide for Globes

Buying Guide

Let our buying guide assist you in the importance of Size, Color, and Purpose when choosing a globe.

Meridian Mounting Styles

Mounting Styles

Learn about how globes are mounted to understand how you will be able to view your globe.

How Globes are Made

How Globes are Made

View information and informative videos about how globes are made.

How Old is Your Globe

How Old is Your Globe

Wondering how old your globe is? View our list of changes to get a good idea of the age of your globe.

Frequently Asked Questions


See a list of frequently asked questions about globes and their uses from our customers.

Globe Terminology

Globe Terminology

Explore the frequently used terms that relate to globes, including many you will find on our site.

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