Meridian Styles

The meridian is the piece that holds your globe in place, typically produced of metal or high quality acrylic. Depending on the style and manufacturer, you will find many meridians are numbered in degrees from 0 degrees at the equator to 90 degrees at either pole. Most globes are tilted at 23.5 degrees to reflect the angle of the earth's tilt as it moves through space.

Semi-Meridian The "Semi-Meridian" style encompasses half of the globe. With this mounting, the globe can be spun east or west on it's axis.

Full Meridian (stationary) The "Full Meridian" circles the entire globe. The stationary version of this mounting (as shown) allows you to spin the globe east or west on it's axis but can not be spun north or south as the "Full Swing Meridian" style.

Full Swing Meridian The "Full Swing Meridian" includes a Full Meridian and provides for dual control of your globe. With this style you will be able to spin the globe east or west on it's access as well as being able to swing the globe north or south. This is an excellent feature that allows for a complete view of your globe from any viewing position.

If you have limited space, it is typically preferable to have a floor or tabletop globe with this feature.

Inclination Mounting Inclination mounting features the globe sphere without a meridian, but at a fixed angle. The globe can be spun east or west on it's axis.

Cradle Mount The Cradle Mount is typically used for larger floor globes and features a Full Meridian that rests between notches in the stand and rests on a wooden dowel that is affixed at the center of the base.

This style allows you to spin the globe east and west on it's axis as well as the ability to turn the meridian within the cradle mounting so that you can view the northern or southern hemispheres.