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Old World Globes make great decorative pieces for any home or office. Typically showing a map reproduction from the period represented.

Sometimes globes are referred to as "Antique Style" which is generally a reference to the parchment style antique finish of the oceans, yet the map is current and up to date. Our Old World Style Globes contain period maps.
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About Old World Globes

Bring back the stunning style and design of the seventeenth and eighteenth century with old world style globes that are simply breathtaking. With maps that are replicas of the original maps of that time, you can bring a sense of new world discovery to anywhere you put an old world style globe. While some old world style globes are desktop models and others are floor standing models, you're sure to find a model that looks great in the space you want to put it in.

Many of the old world style globes feature detailed and intricately designed bases, mimicking Baroque style design or other styles of the antique furniture and decor pieces that were so popular during that time. Each globe is lovingly crafted using traditional techniques rather than mass manufactured, for that true old world look and feel. You'll love how beautifully charming each and every old world globe is!

The maps featured on old world style globes use several different eighteenth century design elements, including antique styled map icons, parchment colored palettes and hand papered continents and countries. There's just something special and unique about maps that are inspired from the classic and historical maps of old! Old world style globes are a perfect addition to any home, office or educational collection and are great for anyone with a deep appreciation of history and old world design.

These globes capture the newness and beauty of discovering parts of our world for the very first time, embodying the exploration age with stunning accuracy. If you've been looking for a one of a kind world globe that simply isn't available anywhere else, an old world style globe is the right globe for you. You'll love how these richly designed globes lend an air of old world charm to any surroundings and how they complement almost any decor.