School & Government Purchases

Ultimate Globes prides itself on being one of the largest distributors of classroom globes and educational maps to over 5,000 Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities. Our selection of classroom wall maps are designed to meet each states required curriculum for education.

We are happy to assist with your needs, whether your school is brand new and needing to be outfitted with the proper items for each grade level or simply need to add or replace outdated reference materials in your classrooms.

We accept purchase orders (POs) from schools, colleges, universities, government institutions and other qualified not-for-profit organizations that exceed $150. For smaller orders please other forms of payment via our site.

What to Submit

Make sure the following is included in your correspondence:

      • Contact Name
      • Email Address
      • Telephone Number
      • Billing Name & Address
      • Shipping Address
      • Tax ID
      • Purchase Order Number
      • Authorized signature
      • Item Names / Numbers & Quantity

Where to Send

Please send your purchase order via one of the following methods.

Mail / Remittance

Ultimate Globes
PO Box 954224
Lake Mary, FL 32795



What to Expect

      • Please allow 2 days for processing once received
      • Confirmation will be sent when the order is placed and when the order ships
      • Please make all checks payable to Ultimate Globes at the address listed above
      • Payments on purchase orders are due within 15 days of delivery
      • You can request a copy of our W-9 by using the contact us link on our site

Find What Your Classroom Needs

Educational Classroom Maps

Wall Maps

Find Hundreds of World, U.S., State, Regional Maps created for appropriate skill and grade levels.

Classroom Globes

Globes are the perfect 3D representation of our world and make great classroom reference products.

Large School Purchase?

If your school needs to make a bulk purchase of maps and/or globes, contact our experts to assist you in getting just what you need.