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If you are looking for a globe with a specific feature, browse through our feature list to find just what you are looking for.

Revolving Globes


Globes that revolve by themselves with only the need for ambient light.

Interactive Globes


Challenge your child's geographic knowledge with our interactive globes.

Raised Relief Globes

Raised Relief

Raised Relief is small raised areas on a globe that indicate mountain ranges.

Illuminated Globes


Illuminated globes can sometimes show alternate features to a map and make for a nice backlight.

Constellation & Space Globes


View a selection of globes made of other planets or celestial images and constellations.

Gemstone Globes


Gemstone globes bring color to any room. A great decorative item for the home and office.

Levitating Globes


Amaze your friends or workmates with the unique style of a levitating globe. Truly fascinating.

Illustrated Globes


Illustrated globes can show people, animals, points of interest that help educate the young mind.

Magnetic Globes

Magnetic Globes

Pin point your places of travel, or places you would like to go. Perfect gift item.

Armillary Globes


Armillary globes bring a unique decorative style to home or office. Add one to your collection.

Inflatable Globes


Educational fun, our selection of inflatable globes are great for indoor and out.

Heirloom Globes


Heirloom globes are handcrafted to be a beautiful addition to any home or office.

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