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When you're settling on basic interior design of your home, you'll need pieces to accentuate the room and bring it all together. Bring stylish flair to your study, den, library, home office or living space with our selection of tabletop globes. Our globes beautifully illustrate the geography of the world in an aesthetically pleasing spinning meridian than can double as an educational tool and decor.

Our inventory of decorative globes includes non-illuminated, illuminated, and gemstone. Depending on the size of your surface and style of your room, our globes come in a variety of forms to accommodate any space. Typically our table globes are 12 inches in diameter or greater. Browse through globes that spin on meridians at an angle or meridians that hold the globe perfectly in the center and allow you to spin and explore the world from any view your desire. Bring any of our 100's of stylish tabletop globe designs to your home when you shop with Ultimate Globes today. Remember, your order will ship for free!

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Revolution Globe 12-inch Tabletop Globe Revolution Globe 12-inch Tabletop Globe

Ultimate Globes Exclusive! The Revolution 12-inch Antique Colored Ocean Tabletop World Globe stands a total of 17 inches tall and features wood stand, metal numbered FULL SWING meridian and up to date globe by Replogle.

Price: $109.99
Daily Deal Price: $74.99

Worlds Greatest Mom Globe Worlds Greatest Mom Globe

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom this holiday season? This globe offers a perfect contemporary contrast of white and pink/burgundy tones with a smooth velvet texture.

Price: $99.99
On Sale: $88.49

Hastings Globe by Replogle Replogle Hastings Globe 12-inch Tabletop

Youll love the dynamic simplicity of the Hastings 12-inch Antique Ocean Raised Relief Desktop World Globe by Replogle. A walnut finished hardwood stand and die cast semi meridian are the perfect finishing touches for this 16 inches tall model.

Price: $104.99
On Sale: $88.95

Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe for Kids Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe for Kids

The NEW 2017 Intelliglobe II Deluxe Interactive Globe is the
educational and entertaining globe that contains geography and general
information that is truly interesting, useful, and thought provoking.
Touch the wireless Intellipen to the globe to play games and explore
amazing facts about the world......
view more

Price: $199.99
On Sale: $165.00

National Geographic Bingham Globe National Geographic Bingham Globe

The Bingham is a 12 inch, antique ocean globe with a two-tone wood base and antique die cast semi-meridian.

Price: $157.99
On Sale: $133.25

Como Globe | Waypoint Geographic | WP21102 Como Globe 12" Illuminated Classic Oceans

The Como Globe is a 12-inch illuminated desktop globe featuring political landmass mapping and classic antique ocean stylings with 1,000's of up-to-date geographic points of reference, boarders & topographical features.

Price: $119.99
On Sale: $89.99

Pioneer Globe by Replogle Replogle Pioneer Globe 12-inch Tabletop

The Pioneer Globe by Replogle, features a Raised Relief 12-inch Blue Oceans Globe with a Full Swing Meridian. The gyro-matic full swing meridian allows you to view any area on the sphere without obstruction.

Price: $99.99
On Sale: $85.50

GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr

The GeoSafari Talking Globe Jr. takes young explorers around the world, pointing out cool facts about countries, landforms, cultures, bodies of water and more. Featuring a quiz game that challenges kids to remember what they have learned.

Price: $129.99
On Sale: $97.99

GeoSafari Talking Globe GeoSafari Talking Globe

Challenge students with over 10,000 geography and world cultures questions with the GeoSafari Talking Globe. Features 3 quiz categories: U.S.A. and Canada, World, and World plus U.S.A. and Canada.

Price: $129.99
On Sale: $97.99

Traveler Globe by Replogle Replogle Traveler Globe 12-inch Tabletop

The Traveler 12-inch Blue Ocean Raised Relief Desktop World Globe by Replogle is a gorgeous globe that features master craftsmanship. At a total of 16 inches tall, it boasts dynamic mapping and a smoky black, plastic base and semi meridian for a unique look.

Price: $69.99
On Sale: $52.99

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Biscay Globe by Replogle Biscay Globe

The Biscay 12-inch Blue Ocean Raised Relief Desktop World Globe by Replogle stands 16.5 inches tall and features a clean, sophisticated teak finished solid wood base and boasts colorful political boundaries and raised relief, creating a traditional sphere.

Price: $89.99
On Sale: $74.99

Carlyle Globe by Replogle Replogle Carlyle Globe 12-inch Illuminated Tabletop

The Carlyle 12-inch Antique Ocean Illuminated World Globe by Replogle features an antique style map and a rich, walnut finished wood base and brushed gold colored semi meridian, standing a total of 16 inches tall.

Price: $129.99
On Sale: $111.25

Scout Kids Globe Waypoint Geographic Scout Kids Globe

Scout kids globe is a great reference globe for kids, including ocean floor features not found on most globes in addition to over 4000 named places and points of interest.

Price: $59.99
On Sale: $49.99

Scout II Illuminated Kids Globe Waypoint Geographic Scout II Illuminated Kids Globe

Scout II Illuminated kids globe is a great reference globe for kids, including ocean floor features not found on most globes in addition to over 4000 named places and points of interest. The illumination makes learning fun!

Price: $69.99
On Sale: $59.99

Starlight Globe by Replogle Starlight Globe

The Starlight 12-inch Black Ocean Raised Relief Desktop World Globe by Replogle stands 16 inches tall and features jet black oceans and vividly painted landmasses, along with a satin chrome metal base and full meridian for a dramatic look.

Price: $84.99
On Sale: $74.99

Livingston Globe by Replogle Replogle Livingston Globe

The Livingston Globe by Replogle is an illuminated 12-inch blue ocean globe with raised relief, a simple yet traditional world globe that is gorgeously stunning. It is 16 inches tall and features both vegetative and political mapping as well as soft illumination and a hardwood base.

Price: $129.99
On Sale: $111.25

Crystal Marquise Silver Globe by Replogle Replogle Crystal Marquise Globe Silver 12-inch Tabletop

The Crystal Marquise 12-inch Silver Transparent Ocean Desktop World Globe by Replogle stands 16 inches tall nad features a unique, stainless steel inclination mounting as well as gorgeous transparent oceans and stunning silver colored landmasses.

Price: $196.99
On Sale: $166.75


Tabletop Globes

How to Select the right Tabletop Globes

Finding a tabletop world globe that complements both your surroundings and your personality can be a challenge, but it can also be a fun way to express yourself. Tabletop globes make an excellent gift and because they're often available at an incredible value, they're affordable enough to get for everyone! A well picked out tabletop globe can spice up any home, office, library or classroom and they're as beautifully artistic as they are valuable in their reference capabilities. Choose a tabletop globe that best reflects your surroundings and a bit of yourself and you'll have a truly unique and one of a kind world globe!

Globe Size: Table top Globes are available with sphere sizes from 12-inches and up. There are various styles that include full swing and semi meridian models which determine how your globe can be viewed. Semi-meridian globes allow you to turn your globe left and right, where full swing meridians allow you to move your globe left and right as well as forward and backward.

Ocean Color: Globes are available in many colors, the most traditional colors are Blue and Antique (parchment color) oceans. When choosing an item as an accent piece for the home or office, our customers typically choose Antique ocean colors. Antique refers to the finish of the ocean color, unless choosing an "Old World Globe" all globes include updated named places and points of interest. Blue ocean globes are a good choice if you are looking for a more standard educational style.

Illuminated Globes: An illuminated globe provides two ways in which to view your globe. On some globes you will be able to see differing map styles depending on whether your globe is on or off. Make sure to consider availability to a power outlet. All illuminated globes come with a power cord that must be plugged in to work.

Assistance: If you require any assistance in choosing your floor standing globe, feel free to contact our Customer Support department at 877-745-6237 ext 101 and we will be happy to assist you in making your decision.