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Floor Globes are a great addition to any home or office. Whether you are using your globe as a reference tool or simply as decoration, you will find many styles and sizes to fit the need. Floor standing globes are typically larger in diameter providing better viewing opportunity as well as more information than you may find on a traditional desktop globe.

This list is compiled based on purchase and feedback data from 1,000's of customers this year. You simply can't go wrong with any of the items on this list.

Intelliglobe II Interactive Talking Globe by Replogle

1. Landen Globe

The Landen globe by far is the floor globe our customers love the most. From its full swing meridian to the beautifully finished post and weighted base, this globe delivers for a price unavailable from others. The globe ball is a 16-inch diameter antique styled sphere with the raised relief (small rises on the globe) feature. Find a tremendous number of up-to-date political named places and points of interest.

Pioneer Globe by Replogle

2. Maranello Globe

For a more modern look in floor standing globes the Maranello globe has quickly become one of our best sellers. The polished metal frame featuring an up-to-date blue ocean topographical map completes the look. This globe has a 20-inch diameter and includes illumination, which make a great back light in any room and enhances the cartographic features found on the globe. The inline switch makes it easy to control.

Treasury Globe by Replogle

3. Lancaster Globe

The metallic earth toned coloring of the Lancaster globe provides a unique decorating opportunity with this globe. A perennial favorite due to its compact size the Lancaster features an up-to-date 12-inch diameter globe ball with raised relief (small rises on the globes surface). In addition this globe is mounted with a full swing meridian so it can be viewed in any direction. The meridian also includes degree markings for locating places on the globe.

Scout Globe by Waypoint Geographic

4. Barrel Globe

A uniquely designed half barrel stand is the focal point of the Barrel globe. Featuring a 16-inch diameter soft antiqued metallic globe ball this globe also includes raised relief. The full swing meridian mounting allows the globe to be viewed in all directions. The stand is hand crafted from hardwood with a slight curve finish along the top, completing the look. Many customers have found this to be the right globe for office and home.

Safari Explorer Globes by Waypoint Geographic

5. Commander II Globe

A simple post style stand which has been designed to be removed makes the Commander II globe multi-functional. Simply remove the post and you can convert the globe to a 16-inch diameter desk globe. The full swing meridian allows this up-to-date globe to be turned in any direction. An incredible value and full of features including raised relief.

Earth & Sky Globe by Waypoint Geographic

6. San Marino Globe

A well designed 20-inch globe with an all encompassing top wood ring and cross style stand is perfect for rooms with a little space to fill. The larger text style on this blue ocean topographic globe makes it easy to read its up-to-date named places. This globe also includes illumination which emanates a warm glow as well as a cartographic enhancement.

GeoSafari Talking Globe

7. Eaton III Globe

The Eaton III globe has been a long time favorite featuring adjustable legs that extend from 41 to 52 inches in height, making it one of the tallest 16-inch diameter globes. In addition this globe is also mounted with a full swing meridian making it easy to view in all directions. The metal contact points add a touch of class to the overall stand. This off-white ocean globe also offers raised relief.

MagneGlobe by Waypoint Geographic

8. Annapolis Globe

Looking for an heirloom quality globe without breaking the bank? The Annapolis features a handcrafted detailed wood stand and top ring with a brass etched meridian showing degree markings. The globe ball is hand papered with is a distinct old world antique style up-to-date map. This 20-inch diameter illuminated globe is cradle mounted to be turned left to right and side to side. Many customer choose this globe for its high quality craftsmanship.

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9. Normandy Globe

One of our newest floor standing globes the Normandy which is available in both blue (topographical) and antique (political) up-to-date maps are showcased on top of a four post hardwood stand that boasts clean lines and a beautiful finish. This 16-inch diameter globe is mounted with a full swing polished gold color meridian giving you the ability to turn and view the globe in any direction. A more traditional decorative look.

Navigator Globe by Waypoint Geographic

10. Diplomat Globe

If you are looking for what has been depicted as the world's most detailed globe, you found it. With over 20,000 named places and point of interest the 32-inch diameter Diplomat globe is not only detailed, it is a work of art. This globe has sat alongside Presidents and Dignitaries as well as being featured in many high profile films due to the unique style and attention to detail. A handcrafted ornate stand houses the handpaperd globe with brass hand etched meridian that completes the look. Available in blue or antique, this is a truly one of a kind globe, but get ready, it will set you back a few bucks!

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