Learn about globe features

World globes come with many different features. Some are specific for the intended use while others are just nice to have. We have compiled our most useful articles that help describe what they are and how they are used.

Here are some of the features our customers have chosen as their favorites: Illumination, Raised Relief & Interactive.

Most importantly just remember that above all a globe must fit the purpose in which you intend to use it. So if it doesn’t contain all the bells but has the whistles you like, that is the key.

World Globe Features

Articles About Globe Features

How Globes Are Made: Maps

A globe is a map in a spherical shape. You would think it’s easy to translate flat world maps onto a sphere accurately, but it’s [...]

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How Globes Are Made: Production

How are globes produced? Here, we reveal the manufacturing process used to make globes. If you haven’t yet done so, check out our article that [...]

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What is Raised Relief on a Globe?

In this article, we will explain what Raised Relief is, how this feature is used, and it’s overall usefulness on a world globe.

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How Does an Illuminated Globe Work?

In this article, we will describe how the light or illuminated feature works on a world globe that includes it and the pros and cons [...]

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How Old is Your Globe?

How old is your globe? Whether dating your globe for resale or wanting to determine if a new globe is worth the purchase, checkout this [...]

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How Much Is My Old globe worth?

We receive inquiries just about every day as to the value of an older globe by customers who have discovered one in their attic, at [...]

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Now that you have researched a few features, you probably found some you would like included. Remember, not all globes have each feature, so you may need to compromise in some areas. Start your shopping now, and select the features you like in the “Feature Filter” to find just the right world globe.