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Colorful Designer Globes

Bring new life to any room with the bright colors of our designer series globes. These globes can make a big impression and when switched on the vibrant tones show through even more. The minimalist map approach keeps the focus on the design and not on endless numbers of place names found on most globes.

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About Desktop Globes

What to Consider when buying Desk Globes

Desk style globes are pure form and function - they're created with those who need to find information quickly and easily in mind.

Desk globes provide hundreds of place names and points of interest at your very fingertips and make excellent desktop additions for travel agents, company CEO, and other professional men and women who deal with international continents and countries daily. They also make excellent gifts, and some are even great for children, accompanying their workspace and providing a comprehensive educational and learning experience.

Desktop world globes are available in many varieties, including black, blue ocean, gemstone globes, antique styled desktop globes and much, much more. You can find completely transparent desk globes and even contemporary styled globes that are small enough to fit on your desktop or workstation but large enough and detailed enough to make a stunning impression.

When choosing the right model for you, take into account what you're going to be using it for. Do you plan on using it daily to help with your job? If so, choose a model that emphasizes easy to read place names and comprehensive mapping. Are you looking for a desk world globe that has more focus on the design? Choose one that complements your surroundings, be it a chic and modern style or a rich, antique style world globe. If the price is an issue, choose an affordable model that looks great no matter where you put it! Desktop world globes are versatile and durable, making great gifts and even better reference tools.