International Orders

Ultimate Globes will soon partner with FedEx Cross Border (effective 11/15/20) to fulfill orders for our International customers. Simply place the items you wish to purchase in your Shopping Cart and choose the “Ship Outside the USA” button at the bottom of the shopping cart page. Your items will be transferred to FedEx Cross Border for processing.

International Orders

Which types of payment are accepted

You may pay by International credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. FedEx Cross Border will process your order, including billing, shipping, and customer service.

Which Countries do you ship to

International shipping will be available Worldwide. FedEx Cross Border, will ship to all destinations around the world it services.

Is this safe

FedEx is a world leader in international shipping and this is why we have chosen them as our partner for international shipping. They provide world-class customer support before and after the sale. We recommend this method for purchasing your item when your billing and shipment is outside the USA.

How to check the status of my order

Once your order has been submitted, you will receive an email directly from FedEx Cross Border services to your account to check the status of your order and retrieve tracking information.

Who should I contact with questions

All inquiries regarding your order should be directed to FedEx Cross Border. Please visit their Customer Service page for more information and phone numbers in your area.

Now that you know we ship internationally using FedEx Cross Border, start your shopping for your favorite map or globe.