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Constellation globes provide a great way to learn about the solar system and the relational location of stars and constellations to our earth. Space globes are made of various planets in our solar system as well as sets that show the relationship and general location to the sun.

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Solar System 3D Puzzle Set Solar System 3D Puzzle Set
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Replogle Constellation Globe, 12-inch Diameter, Illustrated, Illuminated, Desktop Globe, 13076 Constellation Globe, 12-inch Diameter, Illustrated, Illuminated
Price: $99.00
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Replogle NASA Moon Globe, 12-inch Diameter, Desktop Globe, 38245 NASA Moon Globe, 12-inch Diameter
Price: $105.00
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GeoSafari Giant Inflatable Solar System Planets, Inflatable, EI-LER2434 Giant Inflatable Solar System Planets
Price: $59.99
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Constellation Globes & Space Globes

Some people desire to learn more about our world than just what immediately surrounds us. For those with voracious appetites for learning and education, there are constellation and space globes that take you one step further than the Earth itself. These globes allow you to study in detail the stars that surround the world we live in and in some cases even the physical features of the moon that orbits our Earth! Imagine being able to see and name all of the twinkling stars that take over the night sky, or point out and name the moon's mountains, craters and seas. Years of scientists' studies are combined into these globes and showcase what man has learned over the years. Most constellation and space globes are desktop models, but some are floor standing, although both make an equally stunning impression in your home or office.

Their design tends to be contemporary, featuring smooth, modern exteriors crafted from quality, durable materials. Some globes feature illumination and even showcase the nebula that floats above our Earth! With constellation and space globes, there is no end to learning about what surrounds us! Constellation and space globes make excellent additions to classrooms, especially in those that teach science and astronomy! Students of all ages will love learning more about the stars and the moon, and they'll learn more than they ever thought possible.

They also make excellent gifts for anyone interested in the night sky. If you choose a constellation and space globe, you'll be surprised at just how much information can be gleaned from a simple sphere. Many of them are available at a great value, so you can expand your educational collection to include a constellation globe and/or a globe that is a beautiful representation of the moon. Take learning one step further by placing a constellation and space globe in your home, office or classroom.